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  • Academy for Quality Control of immunohistochemical methods of research, on 12-13 October 2015 in Krakow (Poland), held another seminar-training with the EASSME accreditation of pathologist’s specialist.

    17 December 2015

  • MILAN 39 - the cytology EUROPEAN CONFERENCE

    31 October 2015

  • April 10-11 in Trento (Italy) held a certified course on breast pathology.

    8 May 2014

  • Winter School of Pathology

    8 February 2015

  • Winter School of European Society of Pathologists

    31 January 2014

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The Central Customs Hospital (CCH) started its operations to members of the public in 2009. It has since been considered one of the best medical centers in Azerbaijan. From its modern architecture, latest medical equipment and educated medical staff the hospital offers an extensive range of therapies and services.