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The Central Hospital established under the Medical Service Department of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan started its operation on December 25, 2008 with an opening ceremony attended by our honorable President Mr. Ilham Aliyev.


Built and equipped to the most modern standards, the hospital has every opportunity to organize the high-level examination and treatment of Сustoms official and the population.


Clinical departments, laboratory and diagnostic services in the hospital are equipped with the most innovative medical equipment and devices. For the first time in Azerbaijan, a modern special ventilation system was applied in the hospital, and a pneumatic transmission system was installed. Five «Mercedes» with resuscitation services and one Mobile Hospital were bought for the new medical center.


The main aim of the supply of modern equipment to the Central Hospital is to improve the standard of medical care provided to Customs officials and the population. At the same time, it was an outstanding example of the work our Government is doing to modernize health care.


The Central Customs Hospital, which implemented many innovations, soon became one of the most important health centers of Azerbaijan.

For more than 15 years, our Hospital has provided a high level of services to maintain the health of Customs officials and the population with a professional staff of 300 people and more than 4,000 medical services. Over the years, this Medical center has developed a strong capacity of qualified academic staff. Thus, at present, 2 Honored Doctors, 4 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 19 PhD, 2 Doctoral students and 15 Specialist Doctors studied in Turkey, provide quality medical care to the population, fulfilling their honorable professional duty. 


The Central Customs Hospital is a part of the Customs Committee and continuously undergoing renovation in accordance with the Committee’s reforms. In regard of of modernization, modern technologies are analyzed, new medical services are applied, innovative equipment is purchased, service areas are expanded, new professional personnel are trained.


In 2018, to enhance the quality of medical services, the Customs Committee created the Scientific-Experimental and Training Centre. For the first time, a residency training program was organized at the hospital.


The hospital is introducing new interactive technologies and online services to increase patient satisfaction, incoming calls are accepted by a single call center, each patient is given an individual approach and special attention.


Today, the Central Customs Hospital, with its professional and experienced staff, is a modern health centre that provides quality and reliable medical services not only to customs officers and their family members, but also to all citizens of our country.


Although 15 years have passed, our team continues to work to justify the President's confidence.


Our Mission
Our Goal
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Our Mission

   Our mission is to meet customs officials' needs and to take part in public health.

Our Goal
Our Values




Medical service 


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The Central Customs Hospital occupies a unique and honorable place among the most modern and advanced Medical centers of Azerbaijan due to the professionalism of world-class medical personnel, rich innovative medical equipment, individual approach to patients, high level of medical care.


Our highly qualified, experienced and thoughtful Doctors are always ready to provide you with quality medical care for protecting your health!



The professionalism of our doctors ensures the high quality of medical care provided to patients in the hospital and patient satisfaction. 



Individual approach and particular attention to every patient - the principal principle of the work of our team of concerned specialists.

High standard


The well-designed infrastructure, state-of-the-art medical equipment and trained personnel provide the overall high level of service provided at the Hospital.



Histological, immunohistochemical, histochemical, immunofluorescence and pathomorphological diagnostic studies for rare diseases are carried out for tumor and neoplastic pathologies.

Plastic and Reconstructive surgery


Various types of aesthetic and reconstructive operations are performed by highly qualified specialists in operating rooms equipped with the state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Nephrology and Efferent Therapy


Acute and chronic kidney diseases are diagnosed and treated at the department using Hemodialysis, Plasmapheresis, Plasmasorption and Efferent therapy. For the convenience of patients there is service named “One-day-ward”.